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AutoKontrol Speed Limiters

Autokontrol USA Inc is based in Sarasota, Florida, USA, & Autokontrol Limited in Oldham, Manchester, England. The company's products include the Romatic range of Vehicle Efficiency products.

The Romatic Speed Control Systems have been designed and developed since 1980 with sales in excess of 300,000 units worldwide. The systems have received numerous Internationally Recognised Approvals and are the preferred option of many vehicle manufacturers.




Forland Light-Duty Trucks


FORLAND Business Unit of FOTON Motor is China's largest truck manufacturer, including two production plants in Zhucheng and Changsha. It is a well-rounded company integrating the function of R & D, production, sales and services. The plants cover an area of 600,000 square meters.

At present, it has had the most abundant truck product resources in China, formed three core product series focusing on dump truck, cargo truck and special purpose vehicle, including heavy, medium, light and small-sized series.



Shacman Heavy-Duty Trucks



Shacman is one of the oldest and most experienced Chinese truck manufacturers built on MAN (Austria) platform since 1965.  It was made popular for its use in military applications for the Chinese and the Kenyan military.

Transit Support Services (TSS) appointed distributor and assembler (in conjunction with ANAMCO Ltd) of Shacman trucks in Nigeria, has a production capacity of 100 trucks per month.

Dump Tractor Head Mixer Lorry Truck Military Truck







TSS trailers are built on the CIMC platform and assembled in Nigeria. CIMC Trailers are renowned worldwide for quality semi trailers,Tanks equipment and other transport support equipment in USA, China,Europe and Australia.

With over 20 years of continuous development and quality improvement,CIMC has become a global leader.




Yaxing Luxury Buses



The Yaxing Cummins... is one of the Transit Support Brands. It is best for transportation and has the facilities and resources you need to ..



Transit Support Services emphasis on safe and efficient fleet operation has led to her alliance with world known automotive brands and accessories like AUTOKONTROL LTD, UK which has been manufacturing speed control systems for the Auto Industry for the past 30 years.



Transit Support Services has been behind the success of notable transport operators in the whole of West Africa Sub-region and is continuously researching for best solutions to enhance cost efficient services in Transport and Logistics Operations.


Transit Support Services Limited parades a team of professionals dedicated to providing the latest materials, services and technology to the Automobile Industry through its associates worldwide.
Transit Support Services Ltd. is the holder of YAXING Bus, SHACMAN Heavy Duty Trucks and Road Tractors, FORLAND Medium and Light Duty Trucks, and BAW Pilot Mini Bus and Vans franchise.

In addition to her strategic manufacturing agreement with the Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company [ANAMMCO] for extreme large orders of Shacman Trucks and Road Tractors, Transit Support Services Limited assembles these vehicle brands at her assembly plant at Emene - Enugu, close to ANAMMCO Limited.






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